Who's the BOSS? Contest time!

It is time for a little BOSS fun! We decided that a little contest was in order to kick off our 2013-14 BOSS season! We are asking friends and family of Brianna, Eric, Kristyn, Lindsey, Marlee, Shelli and Tyler to participate :)

What you have to do: 
1. Fill out the little form below, vote for your BOSS pick.

2. Type out 3 words that describe them. 

3. Fill out your name and email (email is optional, but we would love for you to know what goes on behind the scenes with Jen & Nicole).

4. MOST importantly, before you hit the "SUBMIT" button below, go "LIKE" our Jenuine Creations, LLC - Photography Facebook page {HERE}. Only one vote per person. We greatly appreciate your "LIKE", Thank you! The BOSS Representative with the most VOTES will receive a 1/2 a referral point towards the BOSS Program :)

Contest ends Sunday, August 3, 2013 at midnight!

Ready... Set... Go!!!  

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