Families Abound, Take One

We have had the honor and privilege of capturing many family photos throughout the Summer and Fall this year. We truly enjoy capturing a "slice in time" in the life of a family because those moments are so very fleeting. It seems like not so very long ago, my friend and photographer, the late Kathleen Lake, was capturing my own three little cherubs at 9, 7, and 2. How did they get to be 24, 21 and 16? THAT is why we love to have those family sessions. We have had a great time capturing several extended family sessions this year, we are so appreciative to all of you for choosing us to document your lives! Many thanks to the Cunningham, Cripe-SouthlandDarzniek, Fish, Geiles,  Hahn, Norman, Petrucelli and Slocum families. 


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