Summer's Here!

Yes, as you all know, Summer is officially here and it is going to be over before we know it! We are still in the process of moving into our new Grand Rapids Studio (address is: 560 5th St, Suite 110, Grand Rapids, MI 49504). We will be planning an open house closer to the end of Summer for all of our wonderful friends, so keep your eyes and ears open for the date, which will be coming soon. 

In the midst of moving in, we are in the process of building a brand new website that will feature a robust amount of information regarding our services, how we operate, new business hours and how to book us using our 3 Locations, as well as Extended Locations. We are very much looking forward to that rolling out in the next few weeks. 

Some other exiting things are in the works for Western Michigan Direct Buy Members, so if you are are member or know of someone who is, we cannot wait to have you find out more details once we get things finalized for that initiative. 

Before the weekend was over we wanted to share a fun and creative image. You might remember the Water for Elephants themed shoot we did in February, and this was the image that inspired us to do the shoot. So romantic :)


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