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Good Michigan Morning to all of you!
Well, the day that we have been waiting for has arrived. We can finally post the link to the magazine that featured our images in an article and on the cover.  (You may need to copy and paste this url.) http://www.womenshooters.com
Late in 2012 we did a photo session with friends and fellow Mother/Daughter Team, Catherine and Whitney Potgeter in anticipation of an article with the NRA magazine called, "America's First Freedom". After completing the  necessary details for that issue we decided to "pitch" the story and images to "Women & Guns". They loved the idea and said to watch for the article about Cat and Whitney to appear in the May/June issue. 

You cannot EVEN imagine our surprise and delight when the pre-release magazines arrived and we saw our photo on the COVER of the magazine! Personally, I screamed, just a little, and did a happy dance.
We are also happy for our friends Cat and Whitney for the exposure to their business and desire to teach women about how to feel "confident in how to protect and defend themselves." Being a woman, a single mom and the victim of a robbery is what propelled Cat into the arena of self defense. One thing led to another and now she and Whitney are both Certified Instructors for "Home Firearm Safety, Certified Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home."
We look forward to our partnership with these fellow "Shooters". Find initial information about their classes here. http://www.facebook.com/MyAFDS and on their website: http://www.myafds.com/

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