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The BOSS Buzz

Vol. 3                              May 17, 2012

    Hello Skylar Pagniello! This is one of our 2013 BOSS reps. Skylar will be a senior next year at Grandville High School. He likes the color blue, tacos, Kit Kats, Jim Carrey and the movie "Shooter".
   He is he oldest of two in his family. Skylar enjoys football and loves to draw. His current passion in art is what he would like to pursue as his career. He would like to study Graphic Design and plans to do so in his college career.
    Skylar is known by his friends to be quiet, but very loyal. The person who inspires him the most is "Larry" because of his positive outlook on life.
    When asked what his three wishes in life would be, Skylar's response was:
1. To own a successful design business based in his home.
2. To have a street named after himself.
3. To see world peace actually happen. 
Well, Skyar, we hope all of those things for you and much more. Best wishes in all of your future endeavors and thank you for being one of our awesome BOSS Reps.
    The "magazine cover shot" was created from our location session with the BOSS Reps at the "Eclectic Eye" an upscale Antique store soon to open in Grand Rapids. While there we set up venues for each of our BOSS reps to make a "vintage portrait" of them. Skylar was our "Country Doctor". We had a blast with all of them. Check back posts for two of our other Reps and more to come.

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