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The Boss Buzz

vol. 1                   March 27, 2012

Well it is that time of year again for Jenuine Creations, LLC. Time to begin introducing our awesome BOSS representatives. We feel honored that these students are partnering with us to promote our business to their friends and families. We have had a great time with them already.
First up is Kimberly Cole. She embodies the words "Go For It!" From the moment we met her until now, she has not ceased to surprise us with her enthusiasm and team spirit.
Kim is a currently a junior at Kenowa Hills High School. She loves chocolate, Kit Kat's, pasta, ice cream, the colors teal & purple, Kohls, Hollister and Country music. Her favorite movies are "Radio" and "Footloose" and her favorite actor is Channing Tatum. (The girl has good taste.) 
Her nickname, "Meme" was give to her by her little sisters who were too young to pronounce "Kimmi." She is the oldest in her family. Her favorite sport is cheer leading, (didn't we say she had team spirit!) The person who inspires her the most is her mom. "She's been there for me through all of the thick and thin. She has bandaged all my cuts with all the love possible."
After High School Kim plans on attending college to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Best wishes to Kimberly in all her endeavors. "GO MEME COLE!"
Here is Kim in her vintage magazine cover from our "Retro" mini session with the BOSS reps. 

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