Senior Session Solidarity

We are wrapping up our Best of Senior Sessions from the this year and wanted to include telling you about Jackie, Laura, Scott, Maria and Kyle. Jackie Roodevoets is a Home School senior from West Michigan. We have known her and those beautiful blonde ringlets since she was, but a wee one, in 4H with Nicole and Christi. She is all grown up, graduating from high school in 2012 and is excited about the future she has ahead. Pictured with her is Laura Droog. Laura is a senior from Lowell High School, she loves music, hanging with friends, as well as science. She has aspirations of studying to be a neo-natal nurse and then on to be a doctor.

Next up, Maria and Scott Sargeant . These two siblings are also Home School graduates. We have known Maria and Scott for several years because of our mutual involvement with West Michigan Home School Band Association and Home School Performing Arts. Let me just say that these two are a hoot and had us laughing during the entire session we had with them at Fallsburg Park. (Ask them about "tree hugging pictures.) Best wishes to these two talented artists in your future endeavors.
Our final senior is Kyle Cai. He is a foreign exchange student from China studying at Northpointe Christian for his senior year. Kyle plans on returning to China for a year then would like to attend college in the United States. While studying at Northpointe, Kyle played football, played in the drumline and has enjoyed being involved in different business competitions. We had a great time with Kyle. He has a great sense of humor and is a good sport considering his session was on a VERY cold, rainy and wet afternoon. He never complained and always had a smile. Best wishes to you Kyle and all of our seniors in your plans regarding your future dreams and aspirations.

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