Becca & Brendon Sneak Peek

Yesterday, we (Jen & Nicole) had the distinct privilege of capturing Becca and Brendon's beautiful Wedding day. We had anticipated this occasion for some time and were more than thrilled to be a part of the festivities. We had many favorites from the day, but we thought we would post two of the most moving and emotion filled images that we feel we captured throughout the day. 

The first is of course Becca and her mom Penny. Just previous to this photograph, Penny was putting on Becca's beautiful pearl necklace for her. We asked Penny to wrap her arms around her daughter just after that and the image below is the result of our request. We thought it exemplified the loving relationship they share and the realization that once upon a time, Becca was a little girl and now she is now all grown up :) (We had to wipe away a tear as we all were standing in the room with them). 

The second image is of Becca and Brendon at the Masonic Temple, where their Reception was held. When we first arrived at the venue, we both had noticed the beautiful staircase, illuminated with romantic light. After the first dances, cake cutting, garter removal and bouquet toss, we asked if they would be willing to wander down the staircase for some portraits. We had them pose in one of the corners of the many flights of stairs, asking them to kiss (to which they happily obliged). The image below is the result and we hope you are as taken with it as we were! Becca and Brendon, we had such a fun time with you and your families last night, we wish you the best in this new chapter of your lives together! We will be in touch and happy Honeymoon!

Jen & Nicole -

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