Families, Fun and Frivolity

Lately we have had the privilege of capturing extended family portraits. We also finally had the opportunity to have our own family portrait captured by our good friend and fellow photographer, Jackie Haverdink. This was done just prior to Christi moving to California. Thank you Jackie!

We helped the Hanson's celebrate 50 years of marriage and family by capturing their family. An added bonus was getting to have the coveted, electric blue, GTO in several of the family images. 
 Next we had the honor of creating a family portrait of the Wieringa family. A handsome group for sure.
 Lastly, our friends the Ruland's wanted to have portraits done of their grand chilren who were visiting from out of town. We had a late morning session with them in Lowell, Michigan to capture the charming and adorable Justin and Kayla Ruland, a.k.a. the "Princess" and the "Big Guy".

 We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite moments with our family and some of our friends too. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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