Engagement - Becca & Brendon

According to the Groom to be, he does not remember exactly the first time he met his soon to be Bride, but he does remember the first time they actually talked and had a conversation. Brendon and Becca were working for the same church at the time of this significant conversation. Brendon's job title apparently included using a backpack vacuum as part of taking care of building maintenance. Their individual stories of this conversation check out as accurate, due to the fact they both stated that Brendon was specifically pretending to be a Ghostbuster whilst vacuuming (classy Brendon, classy :). Slowly, but surely this one conversation led to a deep friendship and soon thereafter, the two became inseparable best friends. Becca told us that they would randomly find themselves hanging out, all the time, doing things such as: going to the beach, stargazing and even hide-and-go-seek in Meijers at midnight. An entire year passed before they caught on to what was transpiring in their relationship (even though it was OBVIOUS to everyone that was close to them). And that is the story behind the beautiful relationship that Becca and Brendon share today. A wonderful friendship that grew into a loving future together as Husband and Wife.

When Becca and Brendon asked us to be a part of their Wedding day, we nearly jumped for joy! (OK, maybe we jumped for joy, combined with a ridiculous happy dance). To say we were elated is an understatement. We have known Becca's family for several years, so it truly is an honor to play a significant role in capturing their Wedding day. Aside from that, Becca and Brendon happen to be very big Disney fans, so of course it made sense to incorporate their passion into their engagement Session! They asked if it would be possible to create an Alice in Wonderland inspired Session. Of course we were very happy to oblige and so the planning commenced. We were so thrilled with the results from this Session, we could not wait to share the images with you all. The details, the costumes, the locations, the props, it was all so wonderful (minus Nicole falling backwards over the camera gear, oh well, we needed some comic relief :). We would love to create more stylized Sessions for our clients, we hope that Becca and Brendon's engagement Session is the first of many more to come, enjoy! 
 On to another more romantic area, a vintage bed in the woods!
On to the park! Complete with park bench, picnic, and two seated bicycle :)
 We could not resist putting in a few more, loved their outfit choices!
We cannot wait for your Wedding day Becca and Brendon, it will be here before you know it :)

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