The BOSS BUZZ by Jenuine Creations, LLC

The Boss Buzz
vol. 4                                            May 28, 2011 

Time does fly doesn't it? We are behind in posting our Introductions. Without further adieu let me introduce yet another one of our fantastic Jenuine Creations, LLC 2011 BOSS Reps. Meet Jerry Grieser, a Senior at Lakewood High School, Lake Odessa, Michigan. 

Jerry is the oldest in his family and has one younger sister, Sommer. His favorite color is blue, he loves chocolate, American Eagle, bread, running, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, Top 40 music, Leonardo di Caprio and Anne Hathaway. His nicknames are GW or Jer-Bear.

Jerry is planning on going to college to major in  pre-med and minor in German. His dream would be to live in Germany or Europe and be a practicing surgeon. Wow! Awesome ambition Jerry.

His sister Sommer is the most inspirational influence in his life because, "she always reminds me to be nice, generous and happy." She is an inspiration to all of us in that regard. Jerry says, "my friends would say I'm weird, but a great person". Hey, in this instance we believe "weird" to be a good thing Jerry.  It just means you are an individual that knows who he is and what he wants. If he could have three wishes granted Jerry's would be, "to have the ability to fly, money and happiness." We would wish all those for you and more Jerry! 

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