The BOSS BUZZ by Jenuine Creations, LLC

vol. 3                                                          May 11, 2011
Okay, so here we are in week three of our BOSS Rep introductions. Say hello to Lakewood  High School Senior Hannah Geiger. Hannah was the first winner in our "Liking" competition. She set the standard for getting her friends to go to our Facebook page to "Like" us. Congratulations Hannah. She had her 25 "likes" in a matter of hours. We realized we totally underestimated these students and will definitely set the bar higher for any other contests.

Hannah is the oldest and the youngest in her other words, she has no siblings. She loves American Eagle, lime green,  Toby Mac, fettucinne, York candy, 
vanilla cake, hanging with friends and playing tennis. She has big plans for attending college as a pre-med major and great dreams of travelling the world.

Her grandparents are the people that most inspire her, "they are the kindest, most respectable people I know." She believes that her friends would say, " she is easy going, but quite stubborn sometimes." Those qualities have served her well in life and in all she has done.  We are sure that they will also help her to earn that coveted medical degree in the future.

Hannah's wishes for her future include;  having an amazing senior year in high school, that everything in life would have a positive side and that all of her college and scholarship plans work out. We hope all those things and more for you Hannah! We can't wait to see where life takes you.

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