The BOSS BUZZ by Jenuine Creations, LLC

vol. 2                                                          May 4, 2011

Drum roll please...Meet the second BOSS Rep in our series of introductions. This is Seth Spitzley. He is our next randomly featured 2012 Jenuine Creations, LLC BOSS Senior Representative. He is also the recent overall winner in one of our BOSS Rep contests. He led the pack in getting the most people to like our Jenuine Creations, LLC Facebook page. Congratulations Seth!

Seth, aka "Spitz" is a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor at the YMCA in Ionia. He also works as a Lifeguard at the public beach in Lake Odessa. His favorite color is Red and he loves marble cake with vanilla frosting, fries, cheese and Kit Kat bars, American Eagle, "The Hangover" and Jessica Alba. He is the youngest of two and has an older sister. He plans on attending either Western Michigan University or Saginaw Valley State University to study Psychology.

Having a nice job, establishing a family and living a long life while having a blast are tops on Seth's list of his "dream without limits". His parents and his grandmother are the people he notes as having the most inspirational influence on his life,  "they are excellent role models."

Seth says his friends would say that he is friendly, easy going and silly. His three wishes might or might not reflect those thoughts. He wishes he could fly, read minds and be a millionaire. Our wishes for him are to attain those goals, as long as the flying one includes something with wings and reading minds leads him to his goal as a millionaire. Silly or not Seth, with the kind of competitive and laser focus you showed in our latest contest you are well on your way!

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