Sandy Puc & Jerry Ghionis - Power of Passion Tour 2011

WOW What a WHIRLWIND weekend! Jen and Nicole were soooo privileged to be able to go to Detroit, MI this past Friday to hear Sandy Puc and Jerry Ghionis speak on their Power of Passion Tour! Words cannot even express how inspired we were after the seminar was completed. Sandy's stories, encouragement and marketing strategies were over the moon and Jerry's lessons on how to gain trust with your clients, posing and creating images that are priceless today and tomorrow, were so powerful. 

We have determined that this seminar has changed the course of how we are going to run Jenuine Creations, LLC. We believe that we will continue to grow this year as a result of some new initiatives that have recently surfaced and this seminar was the "icing on the cake" in so many ways for the new and future things that we have planned for Jenuine Creations, LLC! We were ecstatic to be able to meet Sandy (for Jen this was the second time meeting Sandy) and Jerry after the show and take photographs with them. Jennifer pointed out to Sandy, that she was the reason behind the achievement of being awarded her CPP (Certified Professional Photographer title by PPA) last fall. Sandy was so excited for Jen and was also excited that Nicole recently submitted her candidacy for her CPP! What a joy and privilege again to share with such individuals, Sandy and Jerry, thank you so much for everything and for truly being individuals that continually inspire individuals like us to become better people just as much as becoming better photographers.

On that note, here are the photographs that we took while at the seminar!

 Friends Deb, Jen, and Jackie :) 
 Nicole & Jen
 PPWM buddies (Top to bottom, left to right)! Chris, Jen, Shawn, Julie, Jodi, Matt, Jackie, Melanie, Nicole, Kari and Thom :)
 The Photobooth, Melanie and Thom.
 Melanie, Thom, Kari and Jodi!
 Jen, Jerry and Nicole!
 So awesome!
 Nicole, Sandy and Jen.
 Jen made Sandy laugh and we started laughing with her! lol
 The laughing continued!
 We are super cute! :)
We were also able to take a tour of one of the tour buses thanks to our new friend Paula here is a link to her website (PS - they sell the awesome Colorsmacks Designs Photography Backdrops, awesome product we got to use our first one last night)! Thanks to Shawn and Julie for this photo in the bus, looking up at the mirrors on the ceiling. 

More blog posts to come soon from our lovely time at the PTC Spring Fling last night! Take care,

Jen & Nicole -

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