PPWM - Amber Lights Photography

Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending an all day workshop with PPWM featuring Amber Stanley and her wonderful team who make up Amber Lights Photography. ALP's couture studio is located near Brighton, Michigan in the town of Milford. Over the past 10 years, ALP has built a wonderful reputation for quality and exquisite photography for families, couples and most importantly high school seniors. Amber's presentation was titled "Control Freak" and she discussed invaluable topics such as: Branding, Creativity, using Social Media to your advantage, Sales, Products and much more. We even were all able to enjoy a delicious lunch at the hotel, and we highly recommend the Comfort Inn and Suites in Comstock Park, they are always very helpful and courteous. Back to the seminar however, we learned so much from yesterday, and we are so thankful for Amber being so willing to share and laugh with us all, we hope you come back again soon :) Please enjoy some of the images we captured throughout the day, alongside Amber and her girls.
David in the background for "comic relief" and a "two thumbs up" :)
 Amber showing the model how to pose :)
Adjusting some "fly-aways"
Waiting and watching by the pool!
"You are sure about this?!?" Props to her for getting in to the water! With shoes on may we add!
And last but not least, the photo of the month that Amber selected from all the images submitted from all of the PPWM members! The category for this month was "Line, Shape and Texture" and Nicole's image was selected! She was so surprised and could not stop smiling inside and out!
"Optical Illusion"
The points earned from turning in images each month and if your image is selected, count towards photo awards and the Photographer of the Year award, at the end of 2011. Anyway, hope you enjoyed our little preview of yesterday. We had a splendid time. Thanks again to Amber Stanley of Amber Lights Photography and to all of the wonderful labs that came out and sponsored and had their materials out for us. (Prolab Express, ACI and Burrell). 

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