PPWM - Woody Walters Seminar

Last night we had our monthly meeting with PPWM and we all had the privilege to have Woody Walters there! We began at 1pm with the "hands on" workshop and learned a great deal from Woody about lighting and shooting techniques. We have to say that we had never had the opportunity to combine baby oil and karate in a single photoshoot... =) We can now cross those two items off of our photography bucket list! We all took a dinner break at around 6pm and went to Vitale's and Nicole was VERY surprised to find out that they serve GLUTEN FREE PIZZA! And many thanks to PPWM and Allied Photo Lab for taking us all out to dinner! Anyway, back to photography.... we headed back to work at around 7pm and Woody continued his teaching on Photographic Illustration. We learned so much and still feel so blessed to have spent the majority of the day with great friends, colleagues and Mr. Woody Walters himself. Enjoy these images:

The finished Illustration =)

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