KISS Wedding Albums =D

Hello Everyone,
Please forgive us for not blogging recently, we have been very busy! Lots of preview posts to come soon of seniors, families and a wedding! Anyway, just wanted to take some time today to talk about Wedding albums. As you know, Nicole got married in May and thanks to Amy Boeve Photography, we had VERY beautiful wedding photographs.We ordered Nicole's Wedding albums through KISS and we just have to say we are thrilled with how they turned out. Please take a peek below at some of their lovely details, and if you are interested in getting one of these fantastic albums for your own home, please let us know!
They even come with these very CUTE black and white fabric cases, and haha, they just happen to be very much like the black and white design that we have used to define our brand!
Below is the Little KISS (4x4) in Leather and also in the color Sultry Blue.
Below is the BEAUTIFUL 10x10 Leather KISS album in Voluptuous Black.
Below is the LOVELY 12x12 Linen KISS album in Forbidden Green, seriously, LOVE the bright color!
KISS color swatches =D Love them all!

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